Massage Experience


Marty Meyer RMT

Massage Experience 1990 - Present

(Working with body builders, athletes and general public for weight loss, improved fitness and performance and injury recovery.)

Knowledge base:

My style of massage therapy treatments is referred to as ‘relaxation with a therapeutic edge’.

I incorporate all of my knowledge into solving the specific problem at hand.

I believe in the cooperation and a team approach to solving problems.

I like to keep each client informed and educated on the process I am using.

Progress and development is what we are looking for, this will be tracked in several manners.

Physical changes (flexibility, strength, coordination), Mental changes (comprehension, reasoning, scholastics)

Emotional changes (a calmer demeanor, happier), Structural (the body alignment will change as the muscles relax,)

Habits to note: Neurological, Structural, Eating, Sleeping, Playing,

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Work experience - Registered Massage Therapist

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